Village of New Baden • 1 E Hanover St • New Baden, IL 62265 • (618) 588-3813
 Village Hall:  618-588-3813

Village of New Baden
1 E Hanover St
New Baden, IL 62265
(618) 588-3813

Emergency Notification System

CodeRED has acquired the Village of New Baden’s previous emergency notification system provider. The purpose of this system is to alert residents quickly in the event of an emergency, such as a tornado or boil order.  Phone calls will be placed for matters of emergency (tornado warning, boil order, missing child, etc.).  Additionally, there is an option to send text messages and emails for community alerts.  In order to send text messages, you must provide your mobile carrier.


In order to properly notify residents, the Village is gathering phone numbers and email addresses to enter into the ENS database.  This contact information is for official use only and will be regarded with confidentiality.  We are asking residents who want to participate in this program to provide the Village with this information so we can insure our records are accurate.  Please note that anyone enrolled in the program can opt-out at any time.


If you would like to participate in the Village of New Baden’s ENS program, please take the time to enter your pertinent information on the enclosed form and return to Village Hall.  If this contact information changes, please notify the Village Clerk’s Office so you will continue to receive emergency messages.  Please return the competed form to:


New Baden Village Hall
1 East Hanover St
New Baden IL 62265

Click here for enrollment form.

Residents that live outside of the Village's corporate limits can sign up for this service by paying a one time fee of $10.00.

When an emergency notification is sent, landline phones with caller ID will show “Emergency Communication”.  For those with cell phones, please program 866-419-5000 into your phone.

If you have questions, please call Village Hall, 588-3813.